Bring the Happy is a digital archive of happiness from around the world. An installation, a digital map, a live performance. It is a collection of moments including, we hope, yours.

About Bring the Happy

Bring the Happy is a project by Invisible Flock, for the past four years we have been asking people to place their moments and memories of happiness onto giant maps of the cities and towns where they live.

These memories all become part of our growing collection of nearly 5000 stories. We collect memories through our installations in empty shops in city centers around the country. So far we have been to Leeds, Coventry, Tunbridge Wells, Edinburgh, Stockton, Barnsley, Exeter, Brighton, Deptford, Tbilisi with more to come soon and further international dates to be announced soon as well.

At the heart of Bring the Happy is its map filled with thousands of memories of happiness, you can fully explore all of the stories and leave your own online.


Bring the Happy is also a live show, created with our friends Hope and Social.
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There is an albumn of the live show on Hope and Social'sbandcamp page, and like all of their music it's pay what you want. While you're there listen to their other stuff too and if you like it please buy some.